About Us

FAB Recycling Ltd is the destination for quality, traceable recycled vehicle parts. The group’s three businesses FAB Direct , FAB Bundle and My Green Fleet – are based at a state of the art 2.5-acre facility in Gloucestershire.

FAB Direct deals with 650 to 700 enquiries every week from the trade and general public looking for high-quality, traceable recycled parts for cars and LCVs.

FAB Recycling started life in 1991 as a specialist BMW dismantler but grew rapidly to offer parts from all marques to the trade, general public and fleets.  In the past 20 years it has pioneered and championed high standards, which today set the benchmark for the vehicle dismantling industry. It is the only UK vehicle dismantler to be certified Carbon Neutral and awarded the environment management standard ISO 14001.

FAB Recycling’s 18,500 tested, cleaned, catalogued bolt-on type body panels and mechanical components are warranted and fully traceable. Last year the group made more than 14,300 individual shipments of recycled parts worldwide.