FAB is part of the Motorhog Group

Motorhog Ltd is the largest combined Motor Vehicle Salvage disposal and recycling company in the UK.

FAB Recycling Ltd is the destination for quality, traceable reclaimed vehicle parts.

FAB deals with fleets, mechanical and collision repair shops looking for high quality, traceable recycled parts for cars and LCV’s.

FAB Recycling started life in 1991 as a specialist BMW dismantler but grew rapidly to offer parts from all marques to the trade, general public and fleets. In the past 25 years it has pioneered and championed high standards, which today set the benchmark for the vehicle dismantling industry. It is the first UK vehicle dismantler to be certified both Carbon Neutral and awarded the environment management standard ISO 14001.

FAB Recycling’s tested, cleaned, catalogued bolt-on body panels and mechanical components are warranted and supplied with full provenance.

Fleet Operators, Bodyshops, Garages

Substantial Savings

Mygreenfleet enables organisations to make savings of up to 80% off the manufacturer’s price. Recycled parts and body panels are supplied with plug in and play fitment where possible, saving customers both time and money.

Carbon Neutral

Mygreenfleet is carbon neutral. Any carbon emissions generated through FAB's activities are offset through an independent provider, Carbon Footprint.

Transparent Service

Mygreenfleet enables users to access to real-time management information from vehicle collection all the way through to disposal using a secure customer portal. Management reports are available online and via email to enable you to monitor your activity.

Bundle Auction Parts

Trade buyer? Motor Bundle is the only online auction to sell traceable recycled vehicle bundles to the trade – particularly ATFs, exporters, salvage experts, bodyshops and garages, engine re-conditioners, and 2nd hand engine retailers.

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